A Mindful Alternative To Prescription Drugs; Dr. Joe Nieusma

A Mindful Alternative To Prescription Drugs; Dr. Joe Nieusma

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness has affected my emotions very positively because in my younger years I had a temper that was one of the tops in the universe and when I lost it, it was like a train wreck.
  • The train was off the track and there was nothing you could do to bring it back.
  • Being mindful has actually helped me to contain, corral, and not be a victim of my own anger and temper since I’ve aged.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is how I center myself. I swim a lot and breath control is a very big part of swimming. A deep breath will allow your gases to exchange.
  • I can actually feel the increased circulation in my body as I take a big, deep breath and hold it in for a second or two, or five or ten or even thirty. I can feel my body getting invigorated because I’ve given it the opportunity for that very efficient gas exchange.
  • So breathing is a huge part of how I can improve my physiology on a second to second basis.

Suggested Resources

  • Book: Check out the research on consciousness on Max Champie’s website: wwwLiveLongerLabs.com
  • App: The dietary tracking and exercise tracking apps. There are many.

Guest Recommendations

  • On our website (www.LiveLongerLabs.com) you’ll find information about a supplement I love called C60Complete. It’s a tool that I use to help people get off of pharmaceutical products. It’s a combination of Carbon60 and Flax Seed Oil and Curcumin. Those are two very powerful natural products that are extremely beneficial to mankind.

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