Water Quality and Improving the Foundation of Health

“Finding new solutions to old problems” with Water Quality

Dr. Joe Nieusma, PhD the CEO and chief Toxicologist at Superior Toxicology & Wellness, and the co-founder of Twin Oxide North America joins Dr. George to discuss how he is improving water quality to improve the foundation of health.

Dr. Nieusma starts the show with some astounding information regarding current water purification methods. The current methods lack long-term benefits and may even lead to such devastating side-effects as cancer for those who consume the water. The good news is, there are ways to fix it! One method, according to Dr. Nieusma, includes the use of TwinOxide, which “is a healthy and environmentally friendly way to disinfect water unlike chlorine or other products.” Interestingly enough, there is also evidence that this kind of water treatment has reduced and effectively treated Covid-19 cases. Dr. Nieusma continues on to explain the endless application of TwinOxide from cleaning counters to toilets.

Both Dr. George and Dr. Nieusma end by sharing information about the benefits of Carbon 60. As always, they advocate for taking responsibility for your health and well being! 

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