EP 112 : Detoxing From Pharmaceutical Drugs with Dr. Joe Nieusma

We all love the concept of detoxing, right? I’m sure you’ve thought about it before – getting all the b******t out of your body that you’ve consumed and inhaled over the years makes for a logical idea but, how much crap is really in there and how do we get it out? Shockingly or maybe not shockingly, it isn’t just the beers and pizza that have caused damage to our body but some far less obvious culprits: the water from your tap, pharmaceutical drugs that are meant to help your biology that do severe cellular damage and of course the air we breath. We live in a giant toxic soup of toxins, so what can be done? Well, listen in because…

In This Episode We Cover:

•How Pharmaceuticals Cause Damage To The Human Body

•The Limitations Of The Pill For An Ill Medical Model

•How To Begin Detoxing from Pharmaceutical Drugs


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