Our Catalog is Growing

Up To Date OEL/ADE Reports

As you know our OEL/ADE catalog is extensive and covers many compound in reports that have the values you need for compliance in today’s pharmaceutical environment.  You can contract with many different firms with toxicologists who will charge you thousands of dollars for these values. 

These reports are in our list here at Superior Toxicology and they are on sale for $450 per report. The hard work of choosing a starting point, assigning safety and uncertainty factors and making the calculations are done by Dr. Joe Nieusma, who has 30 years of toxicology experience. 

Why pay extremely high prices for these values when you can work with Superior Toxicology to an introductory value and get your needs met in a timely manner according to your project timelines. 

Our current catalog has over 1536 current reports and if your drug is not listed, I will create it for you on your timeline.  Fill out the contact sheet and let me know what you need.  

Just to remain current and keep up with the pharma world, reports that were recently added include: