Prescription Drug Analysis

A service aimed at individuals to review the entire drug profile

Superior Toxicology & Wellness is very well versed in pharmaceutical therapies and effects of exposure. This exposure can be involuntary from occupational sources or from intentional exposure when using the drug for a desired effect. 

Pharmaceutical products are unique chemicals in that they are designed to have an effect on the human body. Additionally, as a drug product has the desired effect on the body, there is also an opportunity for that drug product to have undesired effects or side effects. 

If you have ever read the paperwork that comes with your prescription from the pharmacy, you know there are plenty of side effects of every drug imaginable. The saying in the industry goes like this, “Today’s side effects lead to tomorrow’s therapies.”

The average senior is taking multiple prescription drugs daily. The drug profile can become extremely complicated over time and there is not enough attention placed on drug evaluation and potential elimination of these pharmaceuticals. 

Superior Toxicology & Wellness offers a service aimed at individuals to review the entire drug profile for a patient looking at the history of why the drug was initiated, the current dose and history of dosing for drugs, any desired and undesired drug effects, quality of life issues with the drug profile as it currently stands for a person and any potential changes in drugs, drug doses or complete elimination of drugs in the profile. 

This service has changed lives based on eliminating unnecessary drug products from people’s profiles and it is one of my favorite services to provide. I have personally seen the improved quality of life in clients who were able to remove drugs from their profile and eliminate debilitating side effects from their daily lives. 

Superior Toxicology & Wellness offers this service at the value of $150 for five or less drugs in the profile and $250 for a drug profile of 6 to 12 drugs and $350 for over 12 drugs in the profile. 

The excellent value of Superior Toxicology & Wellness drug profile reports is complemented by our extremely quick turnaround and first class customer service. Try us out, and you will see, no one else compares to what you receive when you work with Superior Toxicology & Wellness for all your drug analysis needs. 

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