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Dr. Joe Nieusma and his company, Superior Toxicology & Wellness, has launched their private practice in Toxicology for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries recently. After working closely with another Environmental, Health and Safety provider, that relationship ended abruptly when the owner of the company decided that less expensive help was a better plan for his company’s future. Unfortunately for his company, he also devised a plan to try and obtain Dr. Joe Nieusma’s intellectual property. After 16 months of dealing with the justice system, Superior Toxicology & Wellness emerged with complete control over the intellectual property. Superior Toxicology & Wellness website is consistently improving to help streamline how that intellectual property is accessed by the industry leaders who need our products and services! Our product catalog with drug monographs containing OEL and ADE values number over 1500 products!

Since Superior Toxicology & Wellness has the intellectual property, we will not be undersold on our toxicology reports. We guarantee that pricing for toxicology reports containing OEL/ADE values will be the best value online. If you need an Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) or an Acceptable Daily Exposure value for any product in your inventory, Superior Toxicology & Wellness can deliver it on time and at a fantastic value of $450 per product. There is no better deal online or we will beat it. 


An OEL is the limit for exposure during the manufacturing process that an employee can be exposed to before there is an increased risk of adverse effects in healthy humans. The value is a guideline that should be observed to insure employees are not at risk while performing their job duties. The OEL value is taken into account, along with lots of other factors specific to the individual drug, and a control band is assigned for the product. This control band determines a general scheme for handling of the drug active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in the plant. OEL values are typically set for generally healthy employees. 

An ADE for an active pharmaceutical ingredient is the estimated dose that is unlikely to cause an adverse effect if an individual is exposed to the API by any route, at or below this dose every day for a lifetime. The ADE refers to anyone, any age, any health and is therefore way more conservative of an exposure limit than the OEL. 

The excellent value of Superior Toxicology & Wellness toxicology reports is complemented by our extremely quick turnaround and first class customer service. Try us out, and you will see, no one else compares to what you receive when you work with Superior Toxicology & Wellness for all your occupational toxicology needs. Check out our extensive services section before you leave. 

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Dr. Joe Nieusma and the Superior Toxicology & Wellness Team

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