You’re Living in a Toxic World and Here’s Why with Toxicologist Dr Joe Nieusma

This week on the podcast I am joined by Dr. Joe Nieusma. Dr. Nieusma is the fearless CEO/Chief Toxicologist at Superior Toxicology & Wellness, an international scientific consulting firm that he founded. For the past 30 years, Dr. Joe has been active in toxicology research. He has been able to improve water quality and remove carcinogens from treated water. He has assisted private clients to review their medical records and help them to eliminate unnecessary prescription drugs from their profile. With the overwhelming options for better health, we are often left confused and with more questions than answers. Dr. Nieusma provides solutions to our medical questions, giving us back the power of our own health.

On today’s episode we discuss the steps we can take on a daily basis to help us heal the body and combat the toxins we’re exposed to, and products you can use to help remove toxins from your home and life. We also discuss toxins, chemicals, plastics and carcinogens that are found in our water, food, skin products, furniture, household products, and how we can make healthier alternatives, and so much more!

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind this episode is not mean to act as medical advice. You are always encouraged to be your own advocate and to do your own research