How TwinOxide is Helping Eliminate the Coronavirus


Dr. Joe is also part of a great industry leading company called TwinOxide. In this short clip from Andreas Kalcker, he discusses how TwinOxide is helping eliminate Covid-19. TwinOxide is 99.9% pure chlorine dioxide. He talks about using it orally and perenterally. He has personally done the research that he is discussing.

3 thoughts on “How TwinOxide is Helping Eliminate the Coronavirus”

  1. I’ve used that too. Put it on an abscessed tooth with some DMSO for penetration and within 5 minutes the pain and infection was removed.

    Also gargled with it because I had a sore throat. Same thing sore throat gone within minutes.

  2. If the Covid virus has never been isolated, how do we know what is really making people sick?

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