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Any pharmaceutical or biotechnology operation having more than one product being manufactured in the same facility is in need of acceptable daily exposure (ADE), also known as permitted daily exposure (PDE) values for each substance. A functional and protective Industrial Hygiene program will also want to have occupational exposure limits (OELs) for each active pharmaceutical ingredient in the company inventory. Having these values ensures compliance with EMA (EMA/CHMP/CVMP/SWP/169430/ 2012) and PIC/s health-based exposure limit requirements. Regardless of how potent your active ingredients are, an OEL/ADE monograph should be prepared for each compound.

OEL/ADE reports by Superior Toxicology & Wellness are the original work being sold by the rightful legal owner of the intellectual property as decided in court following the dissolution of the relationship between Dr. Joe Nieusma and Dean Calhoun, CEO of Affygility Solutions after working together for 14 years by Affygility with the intention of keeping Dr. Nieusma’s toxicology work.

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What is found in an OEL/ADE report?

These reports contain first and foremost, the OEL and ADE values for the compound. The rest of the document is supporting information including exposure classification/band, structure of the molecule, basis for classification, therapeutic indication, mechanism of action, and efficacy & dose. A toxicology summary is included with adverse effects, pharmacokinetics, relevant toxicity values, and overdose considerations. Carcinogenic, genotoxic, reproductive & Developmental effects are described followed by calculations. OEL and ADE calculations are documented and relevant references for the report are included.

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