Potent Compound Safety

Important aspects of Potent Compound Containment Safety

Superior Toxicology & Wellness has written over 1500 OEL/ADE reports for various APIs and these reports are available through our catalog (link here). If you don’t see a report you need, contact us using the contact form for your specific report needed.

Categorization of APIs follows a rigorous process resulting in a report that provides and OEL value, an ADE value, a control band if relevant, and is compliant with the European Medicines Agency guidelines. These assignments can be preliminary for early stage materials or used to set the manufacturing limits for exposure control of your API. 

Assignment can be to our common banding system or your internal system. Reports can be short and sweet or more comprehensive and cover not only the OEL, ADE and bands but also industrial hygiene, engineering, handling practices and training. All these services are backed by the 30 years of experience at Superior Toxicology & Wellness. 

Program design for a comprehensive potent compound safety program will cover design aspects, API categorization options, risk assessment procedures, control banding criteria, containment validation, surrogate monitoring, IH monitoring, OEL values, ADE values, SDS creation and maintenance, reproduction safely issues, medical surveillance needs, training needs, PPE program and SOPs to blend the new program into the existing infrastructure of your company. 


The value of this service is second to none. We guarantee to beat any and all other published pricing online for compound evaluation. 


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