Altrenogest is a progestogen used in pigs and horses to synchronize estrus cycles, in cattle to maintain weight for shipping to market and illicitly in humans to gain body mass. Altrenogest (or allyltrenbolone) is a synthetic steroidal agent belonging to the 19-nortestosterone series. It is an orally active progestogen. Like all steroids, altrenogest acts by penetrating the target cells, where it binds to specific receptors. Altrenogest targets the endocrine system, central nervous system, gastrointestinal system, and reproductive system.

Why do you need a Altrenogest monograph?

Superior Toxicology and Wellness’s monographs are a cost-effective and convenient way to meet the requirements for PDEs (ADEs)

  • The numerical OEL and control band assignment needed to determine the level of required engineering controls and personal protective equipment
  • A listing of all cited references utilized in the derivation of the OEL and ADE
  • An expert review and discussion with respect to the critical endpoints of concern, the rationale for the choice of endpoints, and dose that is to be used in the derivation of the ADE (PDE), as required by the EMA’s Guideline on setting health-based exposure limits for use in risk identification in the manufacture of different medicinal products in shared facilities

Benefits of Superior Toxicology and Wellness monographs:

  • Full drug documentation. The report consists of 10-12 pages in length, with calculations and cited references.
  • Quick delivery! 24-48 hours of purchase. Sometimes even an instant download.
  • Save money. Similar reports will cost you potentially 5-12 times more.
  • Search our other reports!



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