Latest News In Pharma World

More recent advances in the pharmaceutical industry that will benefit patients are highlighted here. The first describes a novel approach to attack cancer using advanced materials that will help to target only cancer and minimize any collateral damage that normally occurred using only traditional chemotherapeutic agents without the extra targeting strategy.  Nanotubes synthesized from organic […]

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Do You Vape?

Risks associated with vaping…  The smoking gun in the toxic reaction to vaping may have been isolated. Highlighted in The Scientist, the culprit apparently is Vitamin E acetate. A vitamin? How can that be? Aren’t vitamins supposed to be good for you? The toxicology-based answer is, as always, it depends. Depends on what you ask?

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Weekly News Update

How is the human race is fighting back against the chronic conditions that plague us? Alzheimer’s Disease affects 5.7 million Americans. While a few symptomatic treatments are available, there are no approved disease modifying treatments. This is a debilitating condition that slowly progresses to steal the mental capacities of our loved ones, right before our

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Welcome to Movember

No Shave November, What is it?  You have heard the hype. You have even used it as an excuse to not shave in November …both males and females. But do you know why?  Cancer. Specifically, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. There is a formidable charity organization behind the more-than-normal hairiness in November and it is

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Weekly News Update

What have you done for your lungs lately?  A new therapeutic approach to fibrotic conditions of the lungs has been approved for clinical trials in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) patients and a new therapeutic approach to cystic fibrosis is approved. These conditions were previously difficult to treat and usually have very poor prognosis.   Indalo Initiates

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Our Catalog is Growing

Up To Date OEL/ADE Reports As you know our OEL/ADE catalog is extensive and covers many compound in reports that have the values you need for compliance in today’s pharmaceutical environment.  You can contract with many different firms with toxicologists who will charge you thousands of dollars for these values.  These reports are in our list

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How Much Drug Companies Are Making, and How Superior Toxicology Can Help You

Generic vs Branded Drugs Everyone wants to have drugs for all indications and these drugs need to be proven safe by thorough testing both preclinically and in clinical studies and everyone wants the drugs to be affordable. In a perfect world, this would still be a difficult task to accomplish. What is the best way

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Weekly News Updates

What’s going on in the news… Good work is being done and progress is being made to improve the quality of life and outlook for those most vulnerable people who suffer from type 1 diabetes by way of widening the scope of recent successes like the “artificial pancreas” by Medtronic. Expertise in evaluating the response

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